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Darnassus is the capital city of the Night Elves of the Alliance. The high priestess, Tyrande Whisperwind, resides in the Temple of the Moon, surrounded by other sisters of Elune. In the Cenarion Enclave, the Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm leads the Cenarion Circle, often in direct opposition to his fellow druids in Moonglade and Tyrande herself.


Darnassus is the greatest city of the night elves, housing the leaders of both the druids and the faithful of Elune. It is carefully guarded by Sentinels, ancient protectors, and ancients of war. The city is formidable in spite of the peaceful natures of the night elves. In addition to the night elves, many guests and diplomats from elsewhere reside here, such as groups from the Explorerโ€™s Guild and the Knights of the Silver Hand, as well as a few representatives of the Horde negotiating peace treaties. The population here is almost entirely elven, and most of the night elves are tolerant of others. However there is political strife between the druids and priests.

The atmosphere in the city is a quiet and somewhat melancholy one. It does not have the feeling of confinement that one feels in Stormwind or Ironforge, where the buildings are grouped close together. Darnassus is open to the sky, and the graceful bridges spanning the lake around which it is built set the buildings wide apart. The prime reason why the city’s population is so low is that it is isolated: Teldrassil is a small island away from the main mass of Azeroth, and the only way to gain access from another continent is to fly or sail to Rut’theran Village, a small settlement at the base of Teldrassil, and from there step into the glowing portal to the city proper. This is a good thing, though. It is the Elves capital, and should therefore be serene and quiet, holding the mystic and melancholic elements of the Night Elves.


Anyone, from a brand-new level one, to an aged level seventy, should feel safe in Darnassus–arguably it is the safest haven for the Alliance in the game. The defenses are sturdy to the point of excessiveness. Two towering Ancients stand guard at the inner entrance, and another waits within the city. The traditional level 60 sentinel guards are everywhere, of course, some standing still while others constantly patrolling the city, and elite hunters prowl the city on impressive catlike mounts. Of course, the most experienced and powerful players gather in capital cities, and trainers and quest givers are also ready to fight.

But the best defense the city has is its entrance. The only connection from Darnassus to the world outside Teldrassil is through the portal from Rut’theran, and thus any Horde attacks will have to come from that direction. If they overwhelm the defenses at Rut’theran Village, they will face the bottleneck of the portal. Not only are four guards surrounding it at all times, but the portal is located just next to the Darnassus Bank, one of the main hubs for Alliance activity in the city. Level 70s will be there ready and waiting, and everyone will know exactly where the enemy will come from, allowing newer players to switch off PvP or retreat, and more experienced ones to prepare for battle.


In the aftermath of the Third War, the night elves had to adjust to their mortal existence. Such an adjustment was far from easy, and there were many night elves who could not adjust to the prospects of aging, disease and frailty. Seeking to regain their immortality, a number of wayward druids conspired to plant a special tree that would reestablish a link between their spirits and the eternal world.

With Malfurion missing, Fandral Staghelm – the leader of those who wished to plant the new World Tree – became the new Arch-Druid. In no time at all, he and his fellow druids had forged ahead and planted the great tree, Teldrassil, off the stormy coasts of northern Kalimdor. Under their care, the tree sprouted up above the clouds. Among the twilight boughs of the colossal tree, the wondrous city of Darnassus took root. However, the tree was not consecrated with nature’s blessing and soon fell prey to the corruption of the Burning Legion. Now the wildlife and even the limbs of Teldrassil are tainted by a growing darkness.


Azshara was widely considered the most beautiful of night elves and swiftly became the most beloved monarch in night elf history; such was the people’s love that the capital was renamed “Glory of Azshara” (Darnassian: Zin-Azshari). Azshara was adored by all Night Elves but she reserved her love only for her Highborne, the corrupt Night Elf noble elite, who were hated among the jealous masses, for amongst the Highborne were some of the most powerful practitioners of magic.

The Well of Eternity had always been the central part of the night elves’ life and culture, its magical forces emanating throughout and influencing all life, but the obsessive Highborne, spurred on by Azshara, began to delve into the magics of the well more deeply, too deeply.

One day the queen was approached by her most trusted advisor, Counselor Xavius, who approached her with an idea of using the power of the Well of Eternity to cleanse the world, and make it perfect in her eyes. Their meddling with immense magic, however, drew the eye of an interested observer: Sargeras. Seeking to unleash his Burning Crusade upon Azeroth, the Dark Titan entranced Xavius, pulling him under his power, following quickly with most of the Highborne and eventually Azshara herself. Xavius helped the queen communicate with Sargeras, whom she told of her desire to cleanse the world of the lesser races. Sargeras tricked the queen into making a portal from which he launched the first invasion of Azeroth by the Burning Legion, an event which is now come to be known as the War of the Ancients.

They decimated the city and eventually most of Kalimdor except the Highborne. Thousands of night elves were slaughtered as the dark Highborne stood safely atop their walls and Azshara laughed at the deaths of her kind. “Azshara help us!” “For Azshara!” “Run Azshara!” were among the few battle roars emanating from the chaos, but Azshara just laughed.

Eventually a resistance was formed but Azshara took no attention to this. Sargeras simply set three demons out to do his bidding: Archimonde the Defiler, Mannoroth the Destructor, and Hakkar the Houndmaster. All three commanded and watched over the Legion and would have prevailed had it not been for the efforts of three night elves: Malfurion Stormrage the druid, Illidan Stormrage the sorcerer (twin to Malfurion), and Tyrande Whisperwind the priestess (beloved of both brothers).

When the portal to the other realm was almost open, the combined force of the Night Elves and their allies from the future (see War of the Ancients) charged in to destroy it. Irritated by the lack of order, Azshara approached Mannoroth and demanded an explanation. Enraged by both his own failure and the questions asked by the Queen, he wanted to rip her head off, but quickly saw the error of his ways when he realized that Azshara kept inside her a power to which only Sargeras, Kil’jaeden and Archimonde would prove superior. Azshara forgave him that mistake and urged him on to allow Sargeras entrance to Kalimdor.

Not much later, the portal was destroyed and the Sundering was upon Kalimdor. Realizing that Sargeras would not be coming, she decided not to tell her handmaidens and most loyal followers. When the black water of the Well of Eternity poured into the palace, she created a magical shield that would protect her and the remaining Highborne from drowning. It was at that time that a voice in her head whispered of an escape: “There is a way…there is a way…you will become more than you ever were…more than you ever were…we can help…we can help…You will be more than you have ever been…and when the time comes, for what we grant you…you will serve us well…” Her spell collapsed but as the Well filled her lungs she did not drown. She instead expanded with hate and rage, becoming a massive monstrosity, reflecting the wickedness and malice that had always hidden within her core.

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Darnassian ( Arathandris Silversky calls it “Darnassae” )is the primary language of the night elves. It has both written and spoken equivalents. There are two specific dialects: Darnassian, the current language; and an older script, a strange dialect, that can be found in ancient night elf ruins (perhaps Elven).

Just as the naga, high elves, and blood elves are descended from night elves, so Darnassian bears some resemblance to the Nazja and Thalassian languages. There are, however, strong ideological differences between the night elves and their distant kin. Thus, a linguist must take great care in drawing comparisons between Darnassian and its two cousin languages. Night elves tend to considersuch comparisons offensive.It has been pointed out that Darnassian, an old language, shares the same root word with the name of the Night Elven capital, Darnassus, a city created relatively recently. Some reasons as to why this may be include: 1) the language was always called Darnassian, and the city was named for the language; 2) there was no name for the language prior to the foundation of the city, and so they bore the same, 3) the name of the language was changed, or 4) “darnass” has a translation we have not yet determined.

Now ๐Ÿ™‚ here are a few translations from Darnassian to English.Enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜€

“An’da!” = “Papa!” (A nick name for a father)

“Ande’thoras-ethil.” = “May your troubles be diminished.”(A farewell.)

“Andu-falah-dor!” = “Let balance be restored!” (A war cry.)

“Ash Karath!” = “Do it!”

“Bandu Thoribas! = “Prepare to fight!” (A challenge to an enemy.)

“Elune-Adore.” = “Elune be with you.” (A greeting.)

“Fandu-dath-belore?” = “Who goes there?”

“Ishnu-alah.” = “Good fortune to you” (A greeting.)

“shan’do” = “Honored Teacher” (A title and term of respect.)

“thero’shan” = “Honored student” (A title and term of respect.)

“Tor ilisar’thera’nal!” = “Let our enemies beware!”

“kaldorei” = “children of the stars”, “people of the stars”. (Starborne, night elves)

“nordrassil” = “crown of the heavens”

“quel’dorei” = “children of noble birth” (“Highborne”, “High-borne”, “high elves”)

“sunstrider” = “he who walks the day”

“teldrassil” = “crown of the earth”

“xaxas” = A short title with many meanings, all dire. “Chaos, “fury”, “The embodiment of elemental rage, such as found in erupting volcanos or shattering earthquakes”, “elemental fury”, “catastrophe”

“Zin-Azshari” = “The glory of Azshara”

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